BOOK REVIEW: “His Friends and Servants” by Nathan J. Langerak

Bible Stories by Nathan J. Langerak

Illustrated by Michael Welply

His Friends and Servants is the second installment in the Tell His Wonders Bible story series published by the RFPA. I recently received an advance copy for review and was excited to check it out. At first glance, the beautiful illustrations quickly capture your attention. My three-year-old loves to page through and look at the pictures and ask me who each person is.

This second volume covers a selection of Bible stories from the Old Testament including Abel, Job, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, several Judges, David, Naboth and Daniel. Each of the stories that are included have been chosen because of how they display God’s covenant relationship with his people (his friends and servants) in Christ. It takes about 5 minutes to read each chapter aloud.

Although the intended audience is children ages 7-10, the chapters are short enough and the language is simple enough that younger children would benefit from listening in too. This book would be a great tool to use for family worship with children of all ages. You could also encourage your older children to read a chapter on their own and follow that up by reading one of the accompanying chapters from the Bible for family devotions.

One thing that I especially appreciate about this Bible story book is that it emphasizes how all of the little stories of Scripture fit together into the bigger story of the gospel. Each chapter goes beyond just recounting the events of the story. The author expands on these events to show how they reveal the character of our covenant God and foreshadow the coming of Christ. He also points out what God’s people today can learn from each story.

I look forward to reading this book as well as the first book in the series, Jehovah’s Mighty Acts, with my children. If you are interested in purchasing this book for your family, you can preorder His Friends and Servants now at Happy Reading!

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